10/09/2014 Entertainment Weekly, Video premiere , ''Workaholics' director captures pure joy in Luke Winslow-King video'

Workaholics‘ Kyle Newacheck was in New Orleans filming Adam Devine’s House Party when he happened on Luke Winslow-King, a local musician who specializes in upbeat blues. Newacheck went to Winslow-King’s show and decided he wanted to make a music video for him. So he did.

Winslow-King and his bandmates—Esther Rose, Cassidy Holden, Benji Bohannon, and Ben Polcer—recruited local celebrities, friends, and fellow musicians to join them for a taped performance of “Swing That Thing,” a track off Winslow-King’s latest album. “We really didn’t put too much into the concept of it, other than just us at our best having our best show,” Winslow-King tells EW. “We really had a good time making it.”
Though Newacheck is best known for his work in comedy, he’s directed music videos before, like Childish Gambino’s “The Worst Guys.” He was drawn to Winslow-King, though, because of his music’s old-timey vibe: “I heard it, and I was like, ‘Oh, this sounds like it’s from a different time period, but it’s new,'” Newacheck tells EW. “I love it.”

Winslow-King's 'Everlasting Arms' is out now.