10/12/2016 Pop Matters, Video premiere , 'Luke Winslow-King - "No More Crying Today" (video) (premiere)'

New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Luke Winslow-King draws from a long list of American roots genres to concoct his Americana songs, including blues, folk, jazz and ragtime. He's formally studied music in universities and in the Czech Republic, while having seen a lot of the world through his peripatetic musical career. Winslow-King recently released his fifth album, I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always, and it's a record rooted in the sadness and heartbreak that arises due to the end of a marriage that ultimately ends with a form of acceptance and forgiveness. As the finale of the record, "No More Crying Today" carries this forgiveness, as well as the resolution to feel good again, stop crying, and move on with one's life. It's a deft, gentle, relaxed song with delicate, subtle guitar lines, the hushed vocals of a man worn out from pain, and yet another example of Winslow-King's masterful songwriting skills.

Winslow-King says that "'No More Crying Today' was filmed in Aldea de San Miguel, Spain. Directed by Víctor Alonso. It features my guitar maestro Roberto Luti, Benji Bohannon on drums, and Brennan Andes on bass. We were invited for the town festival and were completely embraced by the village of Aldea. This song serves as a finale to the album and is very expressive and personal for me."